EMEA Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

Pure Birds, together with NeoGrid and IGD, would like to invite you to attend its main session on Day 2 of the 18th Annual European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Barcelona, on 21 June 2016, at 11:50 am,  in Conference Room 1, at the hotel Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I, in Barcelona, Spain.

This surprisingly innovative supply chain synchronization workshop will walk you through three distinct insights in how to build a more competitive supply chain, by aligning every link to THE Ultimate Measure of Success in the Supply Chain: On-Shelf Availability (OSA).

All will be presented in an unusual, dynamic way to make the half hour before lunch more enjoyable with sharing experiences, rather than another half hour of sitting down in front of a presentation!

NeoGrid and IGD will also be pleased to welcome you at our Breakfast Session the same day at 7:40 am in Briefing Room 2, as well as at our booth, where we can show how simple supply chain synchronization can be, without the need of huge investments.

To register, please respond here, including your name, business title, company and telephone number.

We hope to see you at Stand 43!

A useful and unseen souvenir will be waiting for you there.