About us

Our dream is to create a flow in the supply chain where all parties are connected towards a profitable, innovative and sustainable value chain.

Pure Birds has a mission to globally inspire and challenge businesses to realize sustainable impact. This means that companies will contribute from their core business in a better world. Pure Birds believes in the strength of the connection and believes that everyone can make a difference. They build demand-driven sustainable innovation networks – to create system change.

Wie zijn wij?

Bram van Schijndel and Coen Faber

Bram is founder of Pure Birds. Bram challenges, connects and inspires companies to look from a different perspective and act on it. His motto: "It always seems impossible until it's done, Nelson Mendela".  

Coen is partner at Pure Birds. Coen is connector, accelorator and has a passion to scale up innovation that make impact. oot. His mission: "The Netherlands at the worldtop of impactful innovative entrepreneurship".